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Cyber Monday Deal means you can get yourself a Barista Bottle for literally $10 plus free shipping.  That's about 1/5 of the price of those other "Swell" looking bottles.  The deal lasts until midnight on Monday, November 28th. While supplies last! A water bottle crafted by the hands of your...
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Barista Bottle

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Cyber Monday Deal means you can get yourself a Barista Bottle for literally $10 plus free shipping.  That's about 1/5 of the price of those other "Swell" looking bottles.  The deal lasts until midnight on Monday, November 28th. While supplies last!

A water bottle crafted by the hands of your barista. It's Double-Walled, Vacuum Insulated technology keeps liquids hot for 12 hours or cold for 22 hours. Brew hot tea, iced tea & fruit infused water with its removable tea filter and at a practical 500mL, take it with you wherever you go.

Here at Barista Life, we are all about one thing; getting more done, by doing less work, while making that work perfect. We are a bit OCD when we are making drinks for our customers and are extremely particular when it comes to our own drinks; so we made a water bottle that can meet our strict beverage-specifications. We like them to be perfect, we expect them to be perfect and we won't accept anything less.

The Barista Bottle passes with flying colors in the eyes of a barista perfectionist.  

You know what sucks about using a plastic water bottle?  We will save you the guesswork; everything sucks about those water bottles.  Here's why:

  1. Plastic bottles are not sustainable, no matter what we've been told.
  2. Some bottled water is glorified tap water at 10,000 times the cost.
  3. Many bottled waters contain toxins, even if they've nixed BPA.
  4. Fashion, foodies, and sustainable cities are taking back the tap. (Source)

By switching to the Barista Bottle, you will not only be able to drink from the best of the best bottles out there, but you will be helping eliminate plastic water bottle pollution.  Barista Bottle FeaturesThanks to it's double walled, vacuum insulated design, it's going to keep your liquids hot for up to 12 hours.  Which actually works out perfect for that drink you make after your shift.  You've already had tons of caffeine on your shift, and probably aren't going to want to drink it right away.  Now you don't have to. The Barista Bottle comes standard with a screw on lid that creates a perfect seal, so it won't leak even if you keep it upside down.

It's also going to do the same if you like your iced drinks like we do; extremely cold. The Barista Bottle keeps your drinks cold for up to 22 hours, or practically the entire day. Seriously, fill it with ice in the morning, and we bet that ice will be there to say goodnight.Brew Bottle PartsWith the Barista Bottle, you can also brew hot or iced tea with ease. It's unique built in tea infuser allows you to brew hot tea using either tea sachets or large, loose leaf tea. Due to the design of the filter, we recommend brewing tea using tea bags, as opposed to loose leaf tea.  Some loose leaf teas have small particles that may make their way past the filter. The filter is designed to sit just under the mouth of the bottle, the filter allows tea leaves to steep freely inside the bottle, filtering it at the optimal time, just before you take a sip, so it's as fresh as possible.

As it so gracefully is filtering your tea, it also provides a controlled, "sipping pool," we like to call it.  This sipping pool allows you to safely sip on your hot tea, even while driving on a bumpy road, as opposed to spilling it all over yourself.Brew Tea with Barista BottleOkay, so it does what every other bottle does, so what? We don't know about you, but we work hard for our money, so it's not easy for us to understand why one would fork over $55 for a water bottle just because it looks...swell. With the Barista Bottle, you get the best of both worlds; a swell looking water bottle, and a swell wallet. We sincerely mean it when we say, the quality of the Barista Bottle is going to blow you away.

Take your Barista Bottle Anywhere

Not only is it designed to fit any occasion, its size makes it possible.

At a practical 500 mL capacity, feel comfortable bringing it with you to any event or any setting. You'd be surprised of the convenience of not having to lug around a giant tin flask with enough water to last you a few weeks on a desert island.  

Versatile BottleTake it to your afternoon Yoga class. Take it to the gym with you. Take it to school. Take it to your work meeting, The Barista Bottle will look as sharp as you do, maybe even turn a few heads.  Think of it as a fashion accessory that compliments any outfit style.

The Barista Bottle's textured, silicon type, exterior feels amazing in your hand.  And we're not kidding when we say how awesome it feels.  When it's fully filled, it boasts a perfect weight distribution that just feels right. It has a soft-to-the-touch matte finish, so your bottle will not only be looking good, but feeling good, and it's never going to slip from your hand, even if it's soaking wet. It is able to gracefully repel water, like a freshly waxed car, so even if wet, it will quickly drip-dry.

Thanks to its food grade 18/8 Grade Stainless Steel interior, which is ideal for beverages, it won't leave odors behind, and won't transfer tastes.  So you're able to fill your bottle up with coffee in the morning, rinse it out to brew some fruit-infused water to stay hydrated throughout the day, then use it to brew your evening cup of chamomile tea before you get some shut-eye.

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