We aim to improve the Barista Life by adding humor to our everyday struggles.  We always want to improve so you are our number one resource to let us know how we're doing.  If you're a new barista, read through and see what others are saying...So,

Why do you follow Barista Life?

"Because I want to know if the struggle is real for everyone"
- @tiana.monet
"Because I frequent a coffee shop every day and your posts are so hilarious. I have a totally different perspective of the barista daily struggle and respect the art of smiling while serving hot beverages that should be thrown at some unsavory patrons. (That filled in a few blanks)"
- @amoreaddict

"I follow @barista_life because SAME. To everything. Just, same."
- @stfuray

"I didn't chose Barista life. Barista life choose me."
- @depressed_smirk

"Because my husband is one!"
 - @civic1960

"Because when I read something I just say 'same'"
- @coffeepotsmokin

"Because I'm a barista"
 - @screamsofty

"Because i share the pain"
- @meghines23

"Because the struggle is real"
- @jessilauren12

"Because I want a coffee husband."
- @adroz06

"Because sometimes I miss being a barista"
- @mez714

"One does not simply stack tulips"
- @kenyacoffee

"They tell me things I didn't know"
- @xtinalucille

"Because I can relate"
- @jodigoenner

"I been a barista at LAX for 12 looooonnnnggggg years
- @chris_lizzette_barba 

"Because baristalife makes me laugh!"
 - @ruebee__  

"It understands me sob"
- @daraelisva 

"Because no one else can relate to this craziness!"
- @vannaranda

"I have no life"
- @mrs_newlove 

"Because "the other Starbucks does it"
- @theneworegonian 

"It was a great experience to be a barista at my local Starbucks"
 - @gypsy_love09  

"it's the story of my daily life"
- @arielleee95

"It's incredibly relatable lol"
 - @misstaylorpink 

"Were all Crazy Baristas"
- @nitroxiee 

"It's hilariously accurate"
- @kb.pdx 

"You're great"
- @ocean.farr 

"It's my life in an Instagram page."
- @bryndlry

"You tell it like it is and you're hilarious!"
- @its_just_lizzzz

"It's relatable and unites us all"
- @derektownsley

"I follow @barista_life because even though I work for Jamba Juice I relate to about 110% of barista life experiences!"
- @b3cc4_b34r 

"I used to be a barista, still traumatized, and just want to know I'm not alone!!!"
- @laysespeaks

"Because four of my children work at SB's and I'm a sucker for coffee humor. Keep up the great work."
- @mcmillerphoto 

"It's a great place to come and feel validated"
- @magicmurderbag

"Because you just get me"
- @cdallan12

"Relatable. Funny"
- @jordanstenzel 

"Because I used to be a barista and you remind me of all the crazy people and stuff I dealt with on a daily basis"
- @garzanissa

"I follow you because as a barista we understand each others struggles and all the joys that come along with being a Barista. Basically You get me lol!"
- @margierose84 

"Because it tells the truth about our lives and how we feel as barista"

- @annalynn.v

"Being a barista is LIFE!"
- @219ell

"Speaks the truth for all of us baristas"
- @judith.a.diaz 

- @celticgrizzley

"I can relate"
- @coheed_sm27 

"I am a barista and I go through the the same bullshit when I'm at work"
- @naturally_meek 

"Because it reminds me why I quit Starbucks"
- @back2backassassin

"I can relate"
- @shanterz

"Because I hate my job"
- @rhodium08 

"It's my life."
- @ellekel33

"Want to know more about coffee and barista"
- @smilingyeung

"It's so funny to be understood"
- @pattheezy

"It makes me feel less crazy!"
- @megsinhawaii

"I wanted to know when we finally got spotify."
- @b_biron913 

"i follow barista life because my blanks are filled."
- @psykkko

"To know I'm not alone"
- @_destinyalyssa 

"It hits home! We are all experiencing the Same thing."
- @bosslady20716

"I'm too lazy to unfollow" (ha..ha!)
- @_mr.starbucks

"Bc I am not the only one w/ these struggles"
- @kristenwiley4

"It's so relatable, and hilarious"
- @cmarkel

"Until i find the perfect balance in life"
- @z0ker

"Reminds me of old times as a barista XD I had a 161 number"
- @micca123

"I am a barista and I can totally relate. 9 year partner!!!"
- @wilson_catherine 

"It lets me know it's not just me"
- @nea_bo0 

"I'm a 159 and I love this."
- @blunt_force_trauma_queen 

"I'm a 169 and feel ya"
- @lilstang18

- @ckmarron

"Because I whisper "WTF" to myself at least 20 times durning my shift."
- @rodrec12

"I'm a 5 yr at partner! #coffeslave"
- @sammykittens88

"Because im a barista too"
- @_aikalazmi 

"I'm a partner"
- @hypnot.ic 

"I'm a 9 yr. + sbux partner. Wish our mgr would care more about the store than what she does. So tired of running out of product 3 days b4 truck comes. Customers are not happy either."
- @grrrrsandladynasty

"I need to know I'm not alone."
- @ohmariarose

"Because my two daughters work there."
- @an_original_rhcp_fan 

"Because I'm a barista"
- @skylerthebold

- @chayashi7

- @_mattparks

"Because I'm a poet and #coffeelova and #sbuxshift and I think that a uniquely fabricated espresso drink is sexy and both artistically and technically speaking - an experience."
- @hassetiffany

"Because it makes me laugh after a long day of work"
- @elton_ceja 

"It says the things I'm thinking. I'm a barista too!"
- @nick3080

"Because no one understands you like a fellow barista"
- @talialevinee

"Because at the end of the day it's just coffee and you guys make us laugh at ourselves"
- @amesless

"I'm a barista and it makes me giggle!"
- @tancey1216

"Because you guys are sayin fact about sbux #baristalife"
- @rihartonobudy

"I can relate!"
- @nataliejcastro

"I am barista life"
- @joanne3kids

"Group therapy!"
- @ensleyp

"Because barista life is life."
- @brooklyn6656 

"I like to be reminded of my nightmarish past."
- @withwideyes

"Never felt at home until barista cult"
- @naivitay

"Because I want to remind myself of my 2 month nightmare at Starbucks"
- @_keviniswidit

"They understand the struggle."
- @sam._.an._.tha 

"Because it's interesting that all over the world, baristas have to deal with the same shitty situations/costumers everyday. Greetings from middle east!"
- @shyn_eddie 

"It makes me laugh and reminds me of my years as a barista. Hits the nail on the head with experiences pretty much all of us have had blush #retiredpartner #155partner"
- @clairegrahm09

"Because it reminds me that I'm not crazy and all baristas have my problems"
- @themermaid3

"Keep it funny! And relevant!"
- @pdxpublicradio

"I wanna know other people are suffering just as much as I am."
- @jean_alexandra 

"I'm a barista who is alive."
- @robarthang4

"It makes me smile"
- @marnibrean

"It validates life"
- @bryanpic1

"Joke of the day and relate to it totally"
- @callyo52

"I follow @barista_life because I am also a barista at Starbucks and I can relate to the postsyum"
- @kz.x3 

"Before being burnt bean, basically, it brought barista blasts & boredom-killing barbs!!"
- @guamiswami

"I love coffee and for funny stuff."
- @dyey.el 

- @nia_mia 

- @ewel_m 

"Because you put a smile on my face"
- @starbucksloverxoxo

"They make me laugh & let me know I'm not crazy, we all go through the same shit & can relate"
- @allyssan87

"Because it's my therapy!!!"
- @heatherhms

"Because I'm in love with starbucks and I'm an almost everyday customer interested in how you make my coffee awesome :)"
- @kittygirl0096

"Because I enjoy seeing how excited other baristas get when they get product that my store has been testing for months (gravity bottles, aeorobrewer, sticker machines etc.)"
- @xxnatashabreannxx

"bc sometimes youre funny AF"
- @nickleshur

"Because #ohthenostalgia"
- @pafoxyangel

"Because Barista Life knows #TheStruggleIsReal"
- @4give

"Funny af duh"
- @m0renci13

"Because we can all relate. It's fun to read these and be like yup, been there."
- @ladyninja30

"Nobody but us will understand"
- @ambercruceta

"I finally quit my coffee job and now barista life is funny and not so sad"
- @blargl

"Because I fully relate to most of everything on here! And it cheers me up on my worst barista days!"
- @cupcakeschoo14

"It validates my pain"
- @stubborn_witch

"It's the realest shit"
- @bnelsonnn

"Because I am a barista and barista life feels my pain lol haha"
- @crissybabylove

"The posts are great & the comments are priceless."
- @luvaz_dyl

"Because I used to be a barista and I miss it terribly."
- @tpthewhale