Barista Life Takeover SnapchatTakeover the Barista Life Snapchat for the Day!



Takeover the Barista Life Snapchat
This is a new idea we came up with to give your store a chance to shine and show other stores why yours is the best one!
The night before your reserved day, you will receive an email or text with the login information that will be valid for your takeover only.


You are all at work, so please follow all guidelines and policies that your employer has in place regarding the use of cell phones on the floor.  

With that being said, we are all adults, please do not post any profanity, inappropriate content, or break any rules that you are instructed to follow while at work.  

Remember, you YOU ARE AT WORK if you do anything that results in disciplinary action or termination from your job, we are not responsible.  

You are responsible for 100% of the content you post, do not be immature and get yourself fired or anyone in trouble.  This is meant to be fun!

Some important things to remember:

  1. Please designate a single iPhone at your store to login to the Snapchat account.  Please refrain from logging into the account from more than 1 single phone, this will be considered “suspicious activity” and Snapchat will ban the account.  That doesn’t mean let your friend post a funny one and login to post it, ONE PHONE PLEASE!

  2. Do not send any direct Snaps to users.  Only post Snapchat Stories, we are confident you know how to do this.

  3. Keep your Story to a reasonable length!  Nobody has the time to watch a four hour Story.  Quality over quantity...

  4. Please follow all of your work guidelines regarding use of cell phones on the floor.  Be smart when you are recording.

  5. Limit the use of profanity.  Everyone has heard it before, but you are at work, so try and keep it professional okay? Don’t ruin this for everybody.

  6. All coffee shops are allowed! Not just Starbucks!

Some tips on what to post:

  1. Introduce your store!  Let us know where you are located.  Let us know your store number and what you are all about!  You only have 24 hours, it’s your time to shine!
  2. Introduce your baristas!  Tell us all your accomplishments and awards you’ve received.  We WANT you to brag!  Why should customers visit your store instead of the one down the street?
  3. Record your morning’s rush!  Think you’re store is busy? Show everyone how you beast out huge numbers everyday!
  4. Let us know your store’s goals and creative ways to increase sales and brighten up the customer experience.
  5. Show us your Green Apron Board!  We have seen some really creative boards, everyone is watching, so if your reserved day is a few weeks from now, get moving!
  6. Share any tips, tricks, #BaristaProblems, or anything else you feel would be something you’d like if another store were to post it.
  7. Have regular customers?  Interview them!  Ask them why they are a regular at your store.  Ask them, “If you had something to say to baristas around the world, what would it be?”  Only choose customers that you know well and that have positive things to say.  Remind them to keep it professional and that it will be seen by many people.
  8. Dress up for the day!  Wear your best looking work apparel, (PS, we are going to be releasing Official BaristaLife work apparel in the near future) and give fashion tips to other baristas on how to look awesome at work!
  9. We do accept SnapCash Donations.  Completely optional, but if you feel like this is something you believe in, feel free to buy us a coffee!  It will be used for good and go towards offering more cool stuff!
  10. Perform a coffee tasting and walk us through the notes of the coffee, the acidity, and your pairing choice.  Get people involved!
  11. Be creative!  But remember the rules, or get your store banned

Example of a Snapchat Takeover


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