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How to Be the Best Starbucks Shift Supervisor and a Good Leader

Shift Supervisor Tips

Use these tips to help conquer your newfound responsibility.

Chances are, if you’re a Starbucks Partner, you have heard both good and bad stories about becoming a Shift Supervisor. You’ve heard that it’s not worth the small increase in pay, and you’ve heard that what you’d learn will be beneficial throughout your lifetime.

We at Barista Life have asked our community for their best tips and advice for both new and current Shift Supervisors at Starbucks and were amazed at the responses. A lot of the responses give qualities of a good leader and will help you understand what makes a good leader.

We broke the responses down into 3 sections:

  1. Tips
  2. Do's
  3. Don'ts

Tips: These are general pieces of advice that will help you in your new management role. 

Do’s: These are things that you should always try and do while you’re a shift lead.

Don’ts: These are all things you should try and avoid while you’re a shift lead.

These tips are not everything that goes into being a successful shift lead, but whenever you’re feeling down, overwhelmed, or stressed, give them a read and they should definitely help get your mind right. Working on growing your leadership skills will unquestionably benefit you for any future positions where you are managing people. You can use these tips to help develop your leadership traits and qualities to become a good manager. Great leaders sometimes are born, and great leaders never stop developing their management skills.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Tips & General Advice

It's Just Coffee


No matter how horrible your shift goes, you’re going to clock out, you’re going to go home, and tomorrow’s a new day!! -@itsjust.shi

Always remember, no matter what, the store will open tomorrow. -@junemcteer

You may not get it all right today and that’s ok. At the end of the day, you served coffee. Try again tomorrow. -@lindsay_renee89

Everything is temporary. Waves of orders, rushes, a tough shift, grouchy people and what seems to be everything coming at you all at once. Don’t lose yourself in the moment; stick with your gut and your partners. We are all partners for a reason. -@lambordeani

With that being said, some days will be harder than others but don’t let the bad days discourage you! And remember to always thank your team - they’re the ones that help you through! -@meghan_h5

At the end of the day, you still just work in a coffee shop. If it didn’t go well today, just try again tomorrow. -@jes_uribe

Even the worst, most impossible shift doesn’t have anything to do with keeping patients alive. At the end of the day, it’s enhanced water and sugar. 😊 It really is a good job. -@peppersong

It’s just coffee, ya know? Every shift ends eventually and it’s just coffee, don’t give yourself a heart attack over this. And thank your baristas all the god damn time, every fucking shift. They make the difference between a good shift and a bad shift, so make it worth their while to work hard. -@tazhuahua221

Be Proactive, Not Reactive & Stay Organized


Always prepare for the day ahead of you. By being proactive, you can ensure as reasonable a chance of success as possible.  If you are caught flat on your feet, it will be much harder to roll with the punches that will be inevitably thrown your way. A good leader is always organized and prepared for whatever is thrown their way.

School time and the weather is a big factor on rushes. Stock up before 3:00 pm, 8:00 am & any rise or decline with the weather. -@nikkicram If you know it’s going to be a very hot day, you can reasonably assume customers will be ordering a lot of cold drinks and Frappuccinos, so stock up on ice, base, syrups, and make sure the cold beverage station is ready to go.  If you know it’s going to be a cold, rainy day, you can reasonably assume there will be a lot of drips and hot drinks ordered. So, make sure you have enough coffee ground up, make sure all the milks are stocked, and the sandwich fridge is stocked.  Also, know when your neighboring schools get out and know the demographic of the school.  If it’s a high school, prepare your iced teas, paninis, and Frappuccinos. If it’s a college or industrial center, make sure you have the drinks and food items they usually order ready as well.

When on bar make designated places for things; caramel bottle next to the ice bin, whipped cream on the edge of the hand off plane, etc. Eventually when you have your structure down, you can bust drinks out 2x as fast and go into autopilot when you’re on bar. -@worthlessdaydreaming

Drop tills early... that will save you a huge headache after close! -@parker__erick

When you’re dropping the tills make change for the last till while the safe is still open so you don’t have to when you’re doing the deposit it makes your life so much easier and you’re out in time. -@kingluieee

Keep a planner. Write down every update and event that is coming up. -@meowwzie__

LISTS! Have a constant written checklist to help make opens/closes smoother. Also, don’t be afraid to take risks! Sometimes the risk can reap a reward far larger than playing it safe! -@jacksqueezie

Positivity, delegation, confidence, communication, time management, what’s needed most now and is most urgent. partner plays from playbook can be printed off the hub and will save your life, it gives your play based on how many partners your counting in on the floor and tells their primary and secondary roles. Make a little plan to just start the shift and it will go from there. Make a list of what your SS tasks are so your set! -@erilllj

Ask and Look for Help


Ask for help. No matter what. There’s never anything wrong with asking for help when you need it. Speak up if something is confusing or is just difficult for you. Please don’t forget that’s you’re just Human, shit happens, no one is perfect and eventually you will get to clock out and once again have a life outside of the Siren where you can tell anyone and everyone to fuck off without any repercussions really. -@slimshaaedy

Never be afraid to ask questions to management or other can’t do your best if there’s something you’re not sure about. -@born_in_the_usa

You don’t have all the information and that’s okay. Use tools and resources. Partner Hub can be your best friend! -@magelee27

Just realize that there is always a solution whenever a problem arises. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you’re stuck. -@joshua.geraldo

Being vulnerable and asking for help are stronger than appearing invincible and demanding. -@fshappy

It’s ok not to know all the answers. Just be curious and share what you know and find out together. -@jillkbutler

Baristas probably know more things than you. So, don’t be afraid to ask them if you need clarification on something. -@optimisticlyricist_

Get to know shift supervisors from other stores.... makes your life a whole lot easier when you’re out of any stock. -@gnohznaij



Communicate, always. Whether you have to leave sticky notes EVERYWHERE reminding you of little things (like me) or just talking person to person. Try your hardest to stay in contact on a professional level with those necessary. Don’t be that dick that hates everyone and has a shitty attitude who just leave the store not letting anyone know what’s going on, what’s been done and what needs to be done. Communicate, it’ll make everyone’s job easier. -@slimshaaedy

Stay Professional


“Praise in public, criticize in private.” -@juniperpretzelstick

I’m not a supervisor, just a barista; but i have to add that the mood of the lead truly does affect the rest of the team. please don’t spend the entire shift in the back room and don’t speak to us in a condescending tone. you’re there to help us and guide us, not stand there and make rude demands while you do nothing. luckily I've had the pleasure of working with mostly amazing leads. -@nicolelynnetaylor

Get a Little Sassy


Don’t be afraid to get a little sassy just because you’re new. Hopefully, you being handled a leadership position means you are able to lead. So sometimes you gotta be the not so fun guy, it sucks, but you get your shit done and usually people will just listen cuz they know that you’ll call them out if they don’t. Seriously, bitches get shit done. (But I mean don’t go too far, not full bitch. Just like “oh she can be a bitch” level.) -@slimshaaedy

Set expectations. Follow up. Don’t let them walk on you. -@joshua_eh

Don't Get TOO Sassy


Do it nice, or do it twice. That’s my motto to anyone I’m supervisor of that day. Don’t let anyone talk down to your baristas. You are more protected than you think so don’t be afraid to stand up and back them up. Even if they are wrong. Then you make it right and coach them later. -@kingsmancam

Remember that each partner is different and that when you’re at work, sometimes you have to treat your friends as your coworkers only. -@m.szmigielska

Remember: you can kill them with kindness. At the end of the day, if you get attitude from anyone you can always choose to smile in their face with blatant optimism for the next day. -@the_real_alex_baranov

If you became a barista a whole year after I did and you become a shift, you cant all of a sudden change and get snappy. -@borntooearly

Remember the experiences you had as a customer, remember partners being happy and working well together and smiling as they worked and joked with each other. -@kyndalfiire

Draw straws for tasks no one wants to do (i.e.: trash runs in a blizzard, someone blew up the bathroom) then no one can complain that you picked them to do it and you don’t have to play martyr for every crappy task. -@kconley929

Nice over mean, inspire don’t make people feel bad!! only makes them not want to go into work and the passion for it goes away, always give a hand, don't be against your staff! -@yemrhoads

Recognize and Deploy Baristas to Each of Their Own Unique Strengths and Delegate


Respect that each partner has different strengths, and accommodate what they do best as much as possible. -@born_in_the_usa

Play people to their strengths during a rush, that’s not the time to throw a new barista on bar, they can learn that later. -@kiiyonzee

Delegation is 🔑. You can’t do it ALL! -@itshernanhere

Put your Aces in their places!!! -@mom2logsavcharwy

Your people come first. Period. Love on your baristas, make them feel safe and valued and expect great things from them. Believing in people makes them believe in themselves. Micromanaging is a cancer. Ultimately being a great supervisor or manager is all about confidence. I don’t need to prove to you I’m in charge. Be real and be strong. -@jtitus10

Make a list and give tasks accordingly to who you are working with. -@fromme2_you

Don’t put people on bar if they are fast but awful at making drinks. Anyone can make a bad drink fast. -@ambernanner

Be a Well-Rounded Team Player


Minimize time in office to be on the floor helping baristas as much as possible. Do some of the dirty work so baristas aren’t doing all the hard work. -@born_in_the_usa

One can be busy but not very effective. Manage the use of your time as a shift lead by delegating certain tasks to available baristas and remember you are part of a team. -@edde.y

Be flexible. Yes, there are rules and regulations, but it doesn’t mean you can’t add your own flair to everything. Make it easy to be a shift, and easier to be a barista. Not just for yourself, but for your whole team. -@kaylachu

You set the tone of the store, so if you’re having a rough day fake it til you make it and they will follow your lead. -@japangie

From a barista: don’t forget what it was like to be a barista. Support us and we will support you. We are a team. -@emilymccracken_

I find that a lot of the shifts that didn’t start as barista never help with the barista stuff. Like you guys get paid more. There’s no such thing as “I did my tasks, that’s it”; be a team player and help your baristas. -@czarinaaareyes

Let them see you will gain respect. -@rayz.of_sunshine

Don’t forget people will work harder for you if they see you working just as hard. It’s not enough to tell everyone else to do tasks if you’re just going to be a cash controller. -@athena0817

You are always a lead. You may not be in charge of a particular shift but you are still responsible for it. I’m sure your fellow leads will appreciate you stepping up. -@grin216

Work together. Inspire others. You are there to support and lead your team. Be vocal. Be excellent in all you do. Your work is your signature beyond the company you work for. This is a part of your journey. Learn what you can in your role. -@instajennypenny

Don’t Forget Your Barista’s Breaks!


Never forget Partner’s breaks - no matter how busy it is. -@born_in_the_usa

I find that everyone stays happy when they get their breaks on time. Every two hours my peeps know they’re getting that relief! We make it work. -@uhleeseeuhhhh

If breaks are going to be late, totally fine! Just COMMUNICATE COMMUNICATE COMMUNICATE!!! Just be like “hey your break will be a little late but I swear it’s coming”. It’s one of the things you have control over that directly impacts your baristas. Their fate is in your hands. Handle with care. -@lauracoolbeans

Get Rid of Stress!


Don’t stress, in the middle of a rush, you don’t want your baristas freaking out, as long as you keep a level head your baristas will be fine. -@kiiyonzee

Don’t sweat the small stuff - learn how to prioritize the most important tasks! -@born_in_the_usa

Don’t be intimidated by lines! Its all written down on the cup, no need to memorize orders. Take your time(well not too much time) when you’re first starting out, it’s better to get the drinks right the first time than spill drinks/mess up orders. -@sadgirlmimi

Anytime you feel stressed and want to start pulling yours and your barista’s hair out, pause. Take a deep breath. Remember that it’s just coffee and that you’re just human. You control your own happiness. I used to get so stressed out almost every day then one day I was like, I’m making myself miserable over a job that’s honestly supposed to be fun. I bring a fun and carefree energy to work with me every day and my barista’s know that while I am fun and will joke with them, I also mean some damn business and they better shape up! -@grace.eliza.beth

Take your time getting onto your shift if you aren’t the opener. Get a drink, give yourself a few minutes to figure out what’s been happening that day. Also just expect that something will go wrong and just be ready to roll with it. Don’t lock your keys in the damn safe. -@margswelty

Patience is Key!


Patience, people make mistakes, as long as they know they messed up you just have to focus on helping them recover. Same goes for when you have new baristas on your shift, it’s very important to not lose your cool with them, it’s gonna take a bit for them to learn sometimes but you gotta stay with them and not just give up on them or throw them on reg forever. -@kiiyonzee

Customers don’t have to behave in any way, shape, or form you prefer. You can’t expect that from them. That’s your ego talking. They are more than customers. They are people. Expectations will lead to disappointment. -@_fields_94

Managing money is easy. Managing people is the hard part. Empathy and patience go a long way. Keep a level head. -@magelee27

Embrace Change


Don’t reject change, embrace it. This company is always growing and evolving and the only way you will too is if you go with change. Also, don’t sweat the small stuff. Remember in the grand scheme of it all, it’s just coffee. This will be some of the best work and life experiences you will get. Enjoy it. -@jcrow19

Be Confident!


You wouldn’t have gotten the job if the potential wasn’t seen. Lead your team. Always check back. Ask questions. Follow thru. Be friendly but not familiar with your staff. Always, always, always remember you’re part of a team. Challenge them to be better baristas. -@nancyann__

Be confident, be a leader, and help keep your partners upbeat and excited to be working while making sure they stay focused on the task they are on. -@jaredforsh

You’re going to feel like there are days that you can’t do anything right. It’s important to communicate good and bad things with your manager and peers and gracefully accept feedback. Use criticism to your advantage; your perspective is the only one you know and keeping an open mind will lead to easier adaptation and a better outcome. Finally, your team is there to help you. If you feel like you are working way too hard, you probably are, and it’s important to trust your baristas and fellow shifts to help carry some of the load. Don’t try to do everything yourself and delegate tasks and don’t forget to coach! -@temporaryglitch

Be Understanding



Just relax. Try to keep everything positive. The night crew isn’t lazy. The morning crew isn’t a bunch of babies. Everyone is doing their best with good intentions. Treat everyone that way and squash any conflicts that may arise. Help your manager to keep the team happy and united. -@wreksno.1fan

With that being said, respect whatever shift follows yours. The whole store environment goes to shit if all the night people blame everything on the morning crew and vice versa. When I closed I would always make sure the store was left exactly how I’d want it if I was opening, and if I was a morning/mid-shift I would look for ways to make the night a little easier (pulling pastries, etc). You have to be on top of your time management or all your baristas will be overworked and justifiably stressed. -@_shopgirl

Choose your battles, some shit just isn’t worth the headache. -@classicflirt00

Go Fast, Don’t Suck. Be Ready to Make Sacrifices


This may seem a bit insensitive, but it’s true. As a Shift Lead, you’re the boss on the floor. You don’t really get the right to complain and fall behind your other baristas.

Although it’s against the rules, sometimes you’ll find yourself giving up your breaks to catch up on some tasks you’re behind on.  Whether that is dishes, doing the counts, stocking the fridges, or whatever else.  As the lead, the shift is your responsibility, and sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the betterment of your team.  Try not to make it a habit, you shouldn’t overwork yourself. You deserve your breaks and you should always plan accordingly so you can take them.

Communication is key, but get ready to basically do the most of the same things a manager does but get underpaid and underappreciated. And good luck finding coverage for any shift you need covered. Expect call outs and no call no shows on a daily basis which makes you have to forgo breaks and work harder. Hopefully, you have a manager who supports you doesn’t just talk shit about you behind your back. -@sarahpembridge

So, Go fast don’t suck. Also be ready to stay past your scheduled off time.... if it’s busy as hell and you tell me “I’m off” I might lose it. -@ice_ice_k8e

Know When You’re Doing Something Wrong


I’ve always thought that when one person is stressing out, it’s their fault. Either they aren’t asking for the right support or they’re stressing over nothing. But when EVERYONE is stressing it’s the supervisor’s fault for poor deployment or not properly supporting their team. -@notpatswayze

Stay Hydrated


Dehydration can cause tons of problems and can make your day and your mood seem horrible.  Don’t forget to drink a ton of water while on your shift.  If you’re afraid you’ll have to go to the bathroom a lot, use that as an opportunity to check the bathrooms while you’re in there, saving some time for your baristas. You don’t want to pass out while on the floor. Hydration is KEY.

Things You Should Do

Below is a list of submitted suggestions of things that you should always try and do. Some of them may be similar to the ones listed above but are all unique suggestions from different followers in their own way.

You Should Always Support Your Team Members


Make sure your partners feel appreciated and learn how to manage your time. -@thomassakamoto

Support your staff. Compliment them on their work, and give appropriate feedback when necessary. Create a positive place for your partners. Delegate tasks and always offer to help. Take some time out of your managerial duties to do some of the tasks as well. Always ask partners how their day is going, get to know them. Remember where you started, and don’t let power get to you. If you’re feeling stressed, they’ll be stressed but if you’re in a good pace, they will be too. Leaders raise leaders. -@candidlyniicole

Support the other shift supervisors, always have each others’ backs, lead by example, coach in the moment, share your knowledge with the baristas, be open to new ideas, delegate don’t just hand off work so you can be lazy, quality is better than quantity, feedback, be respectful, communicate with your manager, BE UNDERSTANDING IF ANOTHER SUPERVISOR DOESNT GET SOMETHING DONE, ONE DAY YOU’LL BE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THAT JUDGING FINGER. -@araquel_92

Always try to give compliments when a barista is doing a great job! it helps so much. -@nicolelynnetaylor

Have faith and trust in your team, they can make or break your shift. If you treat your fellow baristas with respect and kindness, they will do the same for you. Don’t get a big head, when you do, you will become your own worst enemy. -@littlelyb

This has always been my advice to store managers and shift supervisors, take care of your partners and your partners will take care of your business. This means to coach when you need to coach(they deserve a chance to improve), acknowledge the wins, even if they are small, and encourage always! Remember the task will always exist, the goals will always set and the only way you can execute is with your team. -@omaly803

Be empathetic and considerate to those who work different day parts than you. each day part has their own responsibilities and we can only be successful if we work as a team and not against or in competition with one another. -@sunshine102297

Team Work, without the support of your fellow partners you can’t accomplish the goals. Remember to build relationships with your partners because no one likes to follow someone they either don’t know or don’t like. Shift Supervisor Approach is an amazing tool, use it!!! Plan, LEAD, Transition. -@luhernandez_94

With pressure from all directions in the ladder of power, stay loyal to your baristas/crew. Do what’s best for THEM and always be willing to listen. When they trust you, they respect you, they’ll help you get shit done. -@giraffesrampages

I’ve always been confident, fair, and nice to my baristas. The best way is to lead by example. Work hard others will follow. When they need a push I jump in and help while also guiding them what to do. -@faithki

Treat your baristas like a TEAM and always root for them! If someone make a mistake, correct it with gentleness, don’t be harsh. It’ll make the whole atmosphere of the crew and even store more peaceful. -@stacyhoffs

Always Be Open and Receptive to Feedback on your Performance


Be prepared to change your plans based on changes in your day or feedback you receive-- feedback is a gift, even when, especially when it feels like a pile of dung. -@vetyvrsaige

Actively search for feedback by asking your baristas what they like about your managing style and what they don’t like. Before you ask, let them know you won’t get mad at their response, you want them to be honest so ask them straight up what they think you could be better at. They surely see you differently than you see yourself. -@troylendman

Ask more experienced shift leads for their tips and tricks they’ve learned throughout their journey at your specific store. They were once where you are, and they’ve grown and learned many helpful tricks that could help shorten your learning curve. -@troylendman

There are likely baristas at your store who have much more experience than you do. Use them as your own tools by asking them questions and picking their brains.  A lot of them have been shift leads in the past and they have extensive knowledge of their job and knowledge about coffee. Use them to your advantage!

Take it a day at a time. Ask for help, advice, and feedback regularly. Communicate your goals and feelings to your team. Make your vision a team effort. -@1988wasagoodyear

Don’t be afraid to ask LOTS of questions, and don’t be afraid to make some mistakes. It’s gonna happen. Just relax and get your “main” things taken care of, and then focus on smaller things like dailies and weeklies. -@addisonbuettner

Be the Best Coach You Can


Coach when needed, but also learn to hang back and observe before you coach. Breathe! -@vetyvrsaige

Coaching, take the time to teach your partners how to do the job more efficiently but remember that it takes practice to make it a permanent habit. -@luhernandez_94

Be attentive to the strengths in your team. Voice positivity before you do criticism. Show by your actions that every “win” is because of the collective. Don’t take yourself too seriously. The minute you do, the job becomes a joke. It’s coffee for crying out loud. -@lollsers

Always try to “coach in the moment.” If you see a barista doing something the wrong way, and you know a better way, take a minute to coach them on the proper way, in that moment. If you wait, the time will pass and you’ll likely miss your chance to share your knowledge with them. -@troylendman

Compliment your partners!!!! As a barista, it’s really frustrating when you’re only being told what you’re doing wrong, and not being praised for the things you’re doing right. -@hallieroses

Shut bad habits down immediately, and you’ll never have to worry about EcoSure. Be fair and consistent when coaching baristas, leads, and even managers. Keep calm and you will be respected.

You Should Find the Perfect Balance of Being Nice but Maintaining Authority


Find a nice balance. Don’t be rude and demanding, but don’t get walked all over. You can be friends and have authority over the baristas. -@naturally_natti

Have confidence in yourself and your decisions, follow your gut and lead as an example! You’ll grow so much and gain so much life experience. -@kenz_weav

Be friendly, say hi to people and encourage others to do the same. -@catrina07

Treat your partners the same thing how you treat your customers. Remember that taking care of your partners is the key to a successful shift. -@arcsoleria

Always have patience for those who don’t pick up on routines as fast as others. And if you’re ever overwhelmed, just breathe and remember the most important thing is maintaining partner/customer/food safety. If you don’t get to par a till or start the deposit, who cares as long as everyone is safe? -@kozmic_koffie

Be uplifting to your PARTNERS. Never pull the “I’m the shift” card. We are all partners. Be a guiding light especially in the hardest of times. The others will see and follow suit and have the utmost respect for you. Make sure that they know that if they need something they can come to you to discuss it privately if need be. And lastly, remember to make it the 3rd place for everyone, including yourself, your partners and your customers! -@briel42

Always be consistent with the rules and never be rude. That will never get you anywhere. -@waitisthatjaysha

Be assertive when it is needed. If baristas know they could get away with stuff, they’ll take advantage. -@alexa.dee

Always remember that you are a mentor to your team and an example to those around you. Be positive, communicate, and remember that change always begins with one person. -@yanuelpr26

Your Energy and Attitude Sets the Tone for the Entire Shift; Keep a Positive Attitude at all Times


Be aware of the energy you bring into the workplace & be respectful to earn respect. And if you still aren’t respected (which does happen...) just keep being awesome and work hard. It shows. People will notice. Understand that literally every single person is a different kind of learner - this is one of the most valuable things I’ve learned as a shift! Put your patience pants on - even if they’re tight pants that barely fit - squeeze into those damn things! It’ll benefit everyone in the long run. Set an example, you’re in a leadership position so don’t be afraid to be a leader! Don’t get crazy though. Be vulnerable and ask your team for advice & problem solve together. Not to sound too cheesy but it totally builds a bond & improves the work environment. -@kateycarly

Remind and show baristas how fun this job can really be, it’s not all stressful, and fun can be had as long as you keep a positive attitude no matter how bad a situation may get. -@kelso7_7

Lead by example, praise in public, coach in private, work as hard as your partners and work through tough times. Keep a calm head in stressful situations and your partners will remain calm too. Have fun! -@uryyy_bel

Keep morale up. It is crucial to the connections your fellow baristas will have with customers. -@dylanm_b311

You Should Try to Solve All Conflicts Through Communication First


Lack of communication is usually the root of all conflicts, not only at work but in life. More times than not, misunderstandings are a result of miscommunication. Try to resolve any conflicts by discussing the problem with the other party in a calm and professional manner before resorting to more permanent means like calling HR or getting the Store Manager involved.

Don’t talk to other partners about your problems with another partner/shift. Approach your problem head on! Don’t be the drama that no one needs and don’t let the drama breed. -@magelee27

Communicate more than you think necessary. Being handed a shift where nothing was communicated to you is one of the worst. -@jessikin_skywalker

Communicate. Communicate so much that it feels like too much, everyone needs to be on the same page, charging forward. Breathe. -@vetyvrsaige

Always talk to your baristas on a personal note before you get down to business. Ask them how they are doing and if you can do anything for them. -@andrea_scheiber

Communicate, communicate, communicate. There can never be too much. Explain the decisions you are making, why you are making them and go to your resources when you don’t know an answer. The HUB has EVERYTHING you need to know you just may need to look around for it. Even if we are their supervisors, they have to see us as leaders, and that only happens when we explain why something is happening the way it is. -@elisabethdoss

Don’t Go On a Power Trip


Be patient and don’t let the position go to your head. Everyone learns differently and everyone has potential. Respect your partners and everything will run accordingly. We’re all behind the same counter working on the same floor, might as well work together. -@dread.foxi

Respect your baristas and lead by example. If you’re willing to work hard, they’ll work hard for you. Respect your baristas and listen to them. Don’t embarrass them in front of customers and most importantly, have their back. -@mrsj621

Assume the best in others! -@jordan_woop

Always treat your partners with respect, always hold the team down, even in the most frusturating moments! Always work as hard as your team and you will earn their respect. Teamwork makes the dream work! -@mizzdelageezy

Patience, not everyone thinks like you do so make sure you are clear with what you say and don’t expect for it to work the first time. -@luhernandez_94

Listen to your baristas. They’re not stupid just because they aren’t shift supervisors, you were just there with them. Morale is so important so you have to make sure your baristas feel like you are there to help, not scold or boss them around. -@janielanediaz

Be consistent. If some days you’re joking around + slacking off, and other days you’re yelling at your baristas for doing the just looks bad. Decide what kind of shift supervisor you want to be and stick to it. -@pinkchanelsuit

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty from time to time. Do drains sometimes. Show your team that you are not better than they are. Don’t stay in the back during your whole shift.

I always made sure that all my baristas got their breaks, no matter what. They listened and knew I would take their opinions and advice to heart, something our SM never did (which is why when there were problems in the store, people came to me, cause they knew they could trust me). -@lookforgracex

Keep that Flame of Passion and Love For Your Job Burning


Make sure you’re truly passionate about your job and take pride in it, otherwise being a supervisor isn’t fun. You have to give a shit. -@mrsj621

Find something about your job that is your favorite. That thing could be interacting with customers, it could be coaching and helping new baristas grow and learn, it could be taking pride in making the perfect beverages, it could be perfecting your bar routine to be as smooth and fast as possible, it could be improving your managing skills, working on becoming more organized, or anything else you truly enjoy. Once you find something, make it your project and it will make work much more fulfilling when you are working towards a goal. If you go to work dreading it everyday, you’re going to despise your job and it will show and spread to your workers. -@troylendman

Better Manage Your People By Managing Time and Delegating


Don’t overwork your baristas and don’t make them stay longer than they’re scheduled. And be really awesome at order support (drive thru especially). -@mrsj621

Delegate tasks evenly throughout the team. Don’t give the same baristas the same tasks every shift; keep mixing it up so they don’t feel like they’re in a repetitive job. Always set yourself up for success, it’s not about maintaining a perfect store 24/7. You’re going to have a rush, the condiment bar is going to get messy, you’ll need to pull more pastries, you’ll get a mobile order traveler, it’s going to happen.  Take it all one at a time and recover when you can prioritize everything. -@andyoutsidelandy

Write down all of your breaks before anyone shows up so that you can keep track of them. -@smunlun

Time management! Something you need to master if you’re a closer at a busy store! Find a pattern your most comfortable with and master it. I enjoy being a shift lead more that being a barista. -@monyloveeeee

Things You Shouldn't Do

Here are all things that you should try not to do while in your shift lead position.

Don't Forget, You're the One In Charge


With that being said, don’t be a dick and boss your workers around, but don’t forget you and your team are friends, not enemies. -@bentleyely

Don’t let staff take advantage of your kindness set boundaries and be fair. -@tmafia7

Don't apologize. if you need to, do it in person, directly to the necessary person. Don't write it all over the communication log. -@meggoleg

Don’t let your staff walk all over you either. Be strong in what you expect of your crew. And remember: it’s just fucking coffee lol as soon as you walk out of the door when you clock out, let all the bullshit go. And don’t take anything with you home/don’t bring anything in with you on your one wants to deal with or hear that shit. -@kingsmancam

Don’t Take Work and Stress Home With You


At the end of the day, you are working an hourly job. You don’t get paid enough to take the stress home with you, so leave it at your store. Once you clock out, clock out mentally as well. Every day ends. No matter what, the store will open tomorrow and it will be a new day. Go home, smoke a joint, drink a nice big cup of herbal tea and binge-watch an entire season of The Walking Dead if you have to.

Don’t take it too seriously, it’s just coffee at the end of the day. -@ericaguerrero1

Don’t stress out easily, others can sense it and it can make the shift go bad. It’s just coffee, do what needs to be done, treat your baristas with respect, and be happy. If a customer’s sassy then they can get their coffee elsewhere. -@karissa_bunkley

Don't Forget, You Were Once a Green Bean


Don’t forget how it felt to be a barista. And if you become an Assistant Store Manger, don’t forget how it felt to be a shift, or a barista. And if you become a store manager, don’t forget how it felt to be a barista, shift or ASM.... I often think every manager in every industry forgets how it felt to have your first position in the job. -@kelseahintz

Don’t take your position too seriously. The best position for you to be in is Customer Support (playbook stores, not sure what that is called for non-playbook stores). Don’t gossip about coworkers. Ask your other shifts and SM how you’re doing, don’t be embarrassed about messing up and performing poorly as a shift, management is a tough thing to get used to. And seriously put yourself on customer support. -@kudsmack

Don’t nag your team! We know the drill have faith in us. Lead with authority, not with the abuse of power. -@julianandez

Never delegate what you aren’t willing to do yourself. Remember you aren’t better than the baristas, you’ve got different responsibilities. -@grush91

Don’t Be a Hypocritical, Micromanaging, Gossipy Boss


Nobody likes being treated like a child. Don’t micromanage your baristas. Choose your battles wisely.

Never be a hippocritamus. Don’t ask things you wouldn’t do yourself and don’t criticize others about rules you yourself make. Also, don’t gossip. Anyone tries to gossip with you, shut it down!! Be friendly, be sincere, give respect to all, keep productivity high. Give your team a reason to work for you. -@blairzybob

Don’t micromanage constantly chances are your baristas know what they are doing and if they aren’t doing what they should be. Tell them nicely and explain why they need to do what they need to do. -@squidney96marie

When you’re stressed don’t treat your baristas like shit because they’ll stress out too and won’t do the job accordingly. -@gpushian

Don’t take your frustrations out on the people under you. Leave your problems at the door. -@laurennicole820

General Things Not to Do as a Shift Lead



Don’t carry more than two tills at once. It’s inevitable that one day, you’ll be counting the tills, trying to catch up and you’ll drop them. Trust us, dropping a till is one of the worst things that can happen as a lead. So, don’t think you’re Superman by carrying all the tills at once. It’s not worth it. -@fumbles27

Never give the silent approval by letting things happen. Always be straightforward. Remember you can’t do everything ask for help. -@steph.ree

Don’t have them skip lunch because “you’ll have the partner leave early” while he or she’s been slaying for 5 hours. -@gpushian

Don’t play favorites. -@efeslerr

Don’t be afraid to cry! Obviously not at work, but maybe just let it out on your way home. It’s not healthy to keep your emotions bottled up. If you do, everything will eventually explode on an undeserving person. The stress will inevitably add up and you’ll have times where you really want to cry. Don’t show weakness in front of your team by crying at work. Do it somewhere private and you’ll feel much better. It’s healthy.