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  • These are the Most Generous Tips Baristas Have Ever Received from their Customers

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    Most Generous Tips Baristas have received from a customer

    Starbucks baristas are probably some of the most kind, sincere, and hardworking individuals out there. Unfortunately, the customers don't always reciprocate in the same way.  Just like in any job, there are always going to be those rude & grumpy customers. 

    We here at Barista Life know that there are tons of nice customers out there, so we asked our community for the nicest tips or gestures that customers have ever done for them.

    Before we get to it, we were completely taken back by the responses. Some of these generous customers really do make up for the not so nice ones out there.  To be completely honest, baristas do not even expect tips from customers, the only thing we want to receive is your undivided attention for the few moments you're ordering, some common courtesy, and to be treated like humans.  

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