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The Proper Way to Order Your Starbucks Secret Menu Rainbow Drinks

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Dear Customers,

Due to social media being such a prominent part of our everyday lives, it is understandable how Starbucks "secret menu" drinks have gone viral.

However, unlike the Jamba Juice and In-N-Out secret menus, the Starbucks "secret menu" is most secretive to the people making your drinks; the baristas.

If you want a "Pink Drink" or a "#PinkDrink or if "on Wednesdays, you wear Pink," we will make you a "Pink Drink," heck, we will make you a red drink, an orange drink, a yellow drink, a blue drink, a green drink, a purple drink, a Rainbow Drink, or even a glow in the damn dark drink if you want.

All we, your baristas, ask from you is you simply provide us with a recipe.

If you come up to the register or the drive-thru and order the "Orange Drink," your barista is going to have no idea what you are talking about.

And for gods sake, don't get sassy when they ask you the recipe.

We are not paid to know "secret menu" drinks, therefore we do not know "Secret Menu" drinks.

Do not pretend like the "secret menu" is an actual menu created by Starbucks, because it is not.

Be prepared to tell your barista not only the recipe but for yourself to pay for the added inclusions. Coconut milk, soy milk, and added sweeteners to drinks all cost anywhere from 50-80 cents, so except to pay a few dollars more for your ridiculous drinks.