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Shyft: Employee Scheduling App

We at Barista Life have been working with the Shyft team on their shift swapping, employee scheduling and messaging product for a little over a year now, and we wanted to provide a bit of an update on the progress that we've made together.

During the course of that year, we've seen huge growth in barista-signups. Over 20,000 members of the Barista Life Community have signed up to take advantage of the free app to pick up hours, get shifts covered, upload schedules, and so much more. Managers from Starbucks and other coffee brands have fallen in love with the ability to manage their store more effectively on their mobile device for scheduling and shift approvals. Many blogs and communities like Barista Life sponsor products to their community for monetary gains...which is why we initially started working with Shyft...but why do we continue to work with them?

“Our Partners Love and Use Shyft Everyday”

-Starbucks Store Manager, California

Here's why we love working with Shyft so much:

1.They actually care about their Barista users.

Shyft runs feedback campaigns to their users base frequently and actually builds and implements the ideas our baristas ask for. They are committed to building the best app for baristas in the world, and they offer every feature for free. 

Example: Regional shift swapping for Starbucks Partners prove to be an ongoing problem frequently suggested by users. The Shyft team has put it on the top of their list of pain points they are trying to solve. Keep an eye out for improved functionality here.  

2. They have Baristas in their Product Advisory Board.

The Shyft team assembled an advisory board made up of super users from all different industries. We can tell you first hand that they have a few experienced baristas from Starbucks and other brands on their board, advising them on new feature development for Baristas. What better way to know how to improve than by being told what to do straight from the source?

3. They take user experience and design very seriously.

Shyft User Experience

Their new product is hands down the best interface and user experience of any shift app in the App Store or Play Store; it's beautiful. Every single experience in the app is carefully thought out with the intent to provide a pleasant experience for the barista using the app. They want to make people enjoy using their product. An app for work shouldn't feel like more work, it should make your life easier. 

4. They use Custom, Barista-Inspired artwork in their app.

Starbucks Shiffy Shyft MascotHave you been lucky enough to see the famous Shiftmunk wearing his apron while sipping his latte!? If you've joined any coffee shop location, you should see the little cutie hanging around somewhere within the app.

5. They’re Headquartered in Seattle

Seattle is widely regarded as the mecca of coffee in the US and home to Starbucks! We enjoyed visiting their team at their headquarters last spring and plan to do so again in the near future!

6. The Product Roadmap of the Future of Shyft is Epic! 

Get your Shift Covered App

Mark our words, Shyft is going to keep building the coolest and most functional app for shift teams in the world. New features that make it easier to communicate at work, and make barista schedules more flexible and efficient, is something we support!

If you don’t have Shyft, go find it in the app store using this link: 


With Love,
Barista Life.