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Barista Life Partners with Shyft Mobile App!

Barista Life Partners with Shyft

In an ongoing effort to enhance what it's like to be a barista, we at Barista Life are proud to announce that we will be joining forces and partnering up with the innovative mobile retail platform; Shyft.

What is Shyft?

Shyft is a free mobile app that helps retail workers, baristas, servers, and healthcare teams communicate within a seamless user interface that anyone can use. Team members can swap shifts, snap & share schedules, message each other while keeping their phone number private, and have a private news feed just for their work location. Shyft helps make work easier!

Shyft for Managers adds the ability to gain access to Admin functionality on Shyft on mobile and on web. Added features for managers make managing your work location and staff a breeze.

Shyft's Features

  • Swap Shifts – Post your shift to your location's private feed with the date, time, and note. Your team will be alerted that there is a shift available instantly, and you will get notified instantly when your shift gets covered. Boom! It's that easy.

  • View Schedules – Snap a quick photo of the weekly schedule, send it as a push notification instantly to your team
    (Example: "New schedule has been posted" in their notifications)
  • Channels – If you hustle hard and work multiple jobs you can have a channel and feed for each. You can also gain access to regional channels like the *Mall* channel at your mall location, as well as *Regional Brand Channels* for your brand or district...

  • Regionally Swap Shifts ­ - Custom regional networks can be created for brands, such as Starbucks, that allow shift swapping from store to store in a given region. 

  • Private Groups – Got departments? Front of house & back of house? Men's, women's, kids? Or just in case nobody is fresher that your clique, we got you. Create customized feeds/channels for different employee groups within your location to swap shifts or to better organize your app.

  • Store Newsfeed – Post pics, give shoutouts, send links, and share jokes memes with your work homies on a private Instagram style feed for your store. New ‘Notify’ feature for admins allows for verification that a message has been read by staff.

  • Direct Messaging – use our shift messenger or group chat with other contacts in your channels. Feel like we don't need to describe that any further.

Honestly nobody said work was supposed to be easy, but having a tool that allows you trade shifts, share schedules, and message with your team in one place makes it easier!

Click below to download the Barista Life Shyft App for Free! (iOS & Android Compatible)

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