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This post was written by Juan Ayala, a Starbucks Partner and also a guest writer for Barista Life.  In the past, Juan has experience writing screenplays, manuscripts, and several short stories. His writing is rather professional, with a shot (pun intended) of sarcasm and humor.
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This is Part 3 of 7 in the series.  If you missed, "The Life of a Morning Barista - Part 1," please click here to read it first! Click here to read Part 2.

The Life of a Morning Barista - Part 3

The Life of a Morning Barista - Part 3

Part 3.  Based on True Events, (90% Caffeinated).

A Morning with Bradley.

Espresso shots dense as blood.  He watched as they poured into the shot glasses at a crisp 19 second shot count.  The liquid is smooth and strong,  and luckily this Mastrena machine has been properly calibrated.  His milk is perfectly steamed for this cappuccino that lays in front of him, but it's still early for this barista, and we will call him Bradley, who had a long night. 

The typical scene for this grande sized store is a rush that hits around 70 for its peak.  When the store is understaffed, it can look like a real horror show.  

Bradley removed the milk pitcher from the steam wand and does the usual cleaning routine.  

"Brett, I have your quad, venti, whole milk, extra-dry cappuccino for you."    Bradley, even in his tired state was proud of that drink and even held a smile long enough for Brett to retrieve it, at least he got a hot drink since it's freezing he thought.   He looked to his right as five more drinks lay lined up ready to be completed.  Today was supposed to be his day off, but was called in out of dire necessity.  

Now I'm not quite positive on general knowledge of this, but our store, lets call it Fair Bottoms, was without a manager for a total of around 3-4 months.  Around this time, we only had 7-8 people on staff, but still managed to stay one of the top stores in our district.  


Today was a day like many others.  He lived 25 minutes from his store but lacked a car.  Uber was his best friend at the moment.  Usually his girlfriend gave him rides on for morning shifts, but his lack of sleep was caused by an accident he had gotten them into while driving...6 hours before, and also ended their 5 month relationship.  He fell in love with her in a record 1 month, usually he averages 3 weeks.  The lack of sleep, car accident, and mood swings was a terrible combination.  Now usually, anyone in their right minds would not go into work after all of that, but Bradley isn't just anyone.  

"Hey, I asked for this iced." Brett bellows at Bradly as pauses from talking on his phone and shakes his head.  

Brett was a good representation of our typical customer.  Tailored suit, iPhone with a leather case, Rolex, and drove a car that probably costs more every one next to it combined.

Now, anyone that works at Starbucks and any other coffee shop knows this complaint.  Of course, the first question in our minds is, "Well did you say that?!" Sadly, our response is quite the opposite.

Unless you're Bradley who works early mornings, and who also tends to set a volatile but entertaining atmosphere.  

We all know someone like him.  Moody, self-loathing, and milk steaming routines usually outlast his relationships.   

"Uh, sir...Mister Brett?" Bradley yelled into the crowded lobby area.

The man called Brett motions a finger in the air, 'hold on.'  Bradley smiles as though he wants to throw the drink at the mans crotch.  

After a minute or so an annoyed, 'yes?' followed.  

Bradley looked outside at the snow falling to the ground and says in an extremely belittling tone, "You want the most unpopular iced drink when the temperature fits on my hands, sir?"

As you can imagine, Brett's face dropped as did the iPhone from his ear.  

"I'm sorry, what was that?" He asked with one brow raised. 

This scene is a rare one at our store, and I'm referring to the customer actually responding back.  Bradley hands out sarcastic comments like they're fliers.  

"I'm just saying, and hey you may even agree with me...there's a Cold Stone right up the road from here I hear is good." Bradley smirked.

At this point this conversation had most people's attention simply because it was loud, and Bradley had also acquired a BAR 2 for his taste in distracting situations.

Brett oddly enough returned the smile, "Alright is your manager around?"

Bradley, as he had been talking to Brett had actually handed off a few drinks thanks to his bar help in the time being, gave Brett his. 

"Sir, I am the shift on duty at the moment, we currently don't have a manager, but make sure you have a nice day." He smugly replied.

I am not too sure if Brett had a nice day, or nice life even.  He has yet to ever come back to our lovely Fair Bottoms location.

To be continued...Part 3/7

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