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This post was written by, Anissa Brown, a Starbucks Partner and also a guest writer for Barista Life.  In the past, Anissa has experience writing for her high school and college newspaper.
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Tips and Advice for New Baristas

Tips for New Baristas

By no means am I a coffee connoisseur or an expert of the espresso. I should be no ones authority on which roast is the best so please don't ask me. Why? Well, ladies and gentlemen that's because I am a new barista and before I was hired, I was like most customers who walk into a Starbucks ordering coffee without any idea how it is made. Three months ago I was a blank slate, an empty cup if you will. I was ready to be emerged into the delicious and delectable world of coffee. However, this is no fairy tale and I am almost embarrassed that I thought it would be. I have a newfound respect for every barista I come across because this life is not easy and the struggle truly is real. I'm not sure if I have any right to give tips seeing as I am a newbie myself, but what I can do is tell people what I have learned and observed so far in the coffee bean jungle.

  1. Never be afraid to ask questions or make mistakes. I am fortunate enough to work in an environment where as long as you want to learn, there is always someone there to help you along the way.

  2. No one is perfect. There will be days where you mess up an order- learn from it- because practice truly does make perfect.

  3. Customers will not always be nice. Yet and still, you must somehow bring forth your inner Tom Hanks, bite your tongue, force a smile and give an Oscar worthy performance...then afterwards you can go in the back and smash something.

  4. Have fun. When you get right down to it, sometimes  you're at work more than you are at home. No one wants to go to a job they hate so make the best of it.

  5. Avoid the drama. It's an unspoken truth but every workplace environment has drama in one way or another. Keep your eyes and ears open but keep your mouth shut (unless a serious crime or deed has been committed.) The last thing you need is gossip interfering with your reputation.. and of course your paycheck.

  6. Last but not least, despite the "he said, she said" of the workplace setting, It' s possible that your coworkers can truly become some of your best friends.

Well, there you have it. I'm not sure if I would call these tips or ways to survive or just things that I have learned in my short time as a barista. Trust me, I  am definitely still learning and everyday is a process. If there is one thing I know for sure, it's that life is too short and you have to make it enjoyable wherever possible. What is the motto I live by? It's pretty simple. Life, love and a little coffee are the essentials to my life.




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