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Being a barista can be a very tiresome job.  We are always faced with unruly customers, high expectations, and long shifts.  But, it's not all a sad story!  We wouldn't continue to do it if there wasn't endless things we do love!

So, we asked our community; What do you love most about being a barista?

"I love my coworkers and my customers and making new dranks"

- @so_peachie 

"Being able to make my customers smile with a simple latte plus my Batista's.. Have an amazing team"

- @bombsy

"The partners the partners the partners. Always"

- @djhansen74

"Free Spotify , Free Coffee Markouts, Stocks , Health Insurance, Free Timeà Hanging out with the coolest people ever .. I call Partners."

- @ren_wonder 

"When you tell people you work at Starbucks and they're like "wow that's so cool!"... And the free stuff"

- @joe.mormino 

"Free coffee."

- @jadoreleighx

"Experimenting when it's dead at work"

- @shelby.louuu 

"My partners!! And making sweet drinks"

- @princess_jillyxo 


- @infinitely_offbeat 

"Taking 12 minute 10's"

- @louvolution

"I actually enjoy making the drinks more than anything tbh"

- @gabalini

"Flirting with my cute customers #MONEY"

- @chrgar302

"All the friends I'm getting!"

- @carlosovega

"The guy that tries to get free coffee refills.... for life."

- @jonjongala

"How fast the time goes by.!"

- @kkaattwashere

"I love making #baristamagic"

- @starbuckslakemurray

"Having fun every weekend with my teammates"

- @drloubi

"My woes"

- @_carrm 

"The people!"

- @tertalq

"The family I've made"

- @booradleeey

"The Power. #straightpowertrippin"

- @mahshona

"Free coffee"

- @skinnydevinney89

"Talking to the regulars in the morning"

- @mr.truitt 

"My co workers and perfecting my drinks."

- @__patriciamarie__ 

"Fucking up people's names on purpose."

- @luis_vera77  

"Tips and clocking out"

- @meganlons 

"The coworkers and the free coffee"

- @timtl 

"My early morning customers"

- @jodigoenner 

"Making beautifully handcrafted beverages, making perfect velvety foam, getting complimented on making the best tasting drinks, and the free starbucks of course!"

- @xnurdx 


- @caverlyleclerc 

"Free drinks and tips"

- @deratchet

"Tips and making perfect foam"

- @kyndal406 

"Burning mice elf."

- @roastingsumcoffee 

"Starting my path to running and managing my own coffee shop someday!"

- @caicopley 

"The customers and making their drink perfect! Start their day off right!"

- @jennygirl6363 

"Taking time out of my day during a rush to make a greedy customer a "decaf pour over". Ohhhhh how I love pour overs."

- @chrgar302 

"Kickin ass and taking names on bar"

- @doperysquared 


- @beefcake9 

"Free Spotify and free coffee"

- @jordanbyday 

"Totally the nah it's the partners."

- @luuster2

"Working with my girlfriend.. and pgtl's"

- @awe.stin 

"My favorite thing is getting customers to try new things, and watching their reactions when they love something I introduced to them"

- @mary_nicole 

"the making of the coffee and the drinking of the coffee"

- @thelittlecoffeecart  

"I love quality coffee, happy smiles on peoples faces, regulars and most of all the amazing colleagues i have, especially"

- @jennytheajohanna 

"I love Tuesday and every other Friday"

- @jamieye09 

"I love my regulars/customers.. Awesome manager and our perks!"

- @pahderella 


- @_shawoowoo 

"I miss all the people I worked with, and I miss them dearly."

- @heylookitsdavid 

"Those moments with your partners when you don't know if you should laugh or cry! #ventijavachipfrappuccinos scream"

- @badwolf 

"Writing Wario when they say their name is Mario. And free coffee."

- @jamesbridgford 

"The money & free coffee."

- @nastassjakhuggins 

"The small group of customers that are decent people that actually like coffee."

- @somecory 

"Wait I had a free one did you get the free one when I scanned"

- @lacyaubut 

"Making someone's morning, evening, or afternoon relaxed"

- @occasionallychris 

"Amazing team"

- @lovingtosmile 

"My partners and sometimes you meeting really among people along the way."

- @snyder07 

"My amazing team!"

- @ladyk 

"Having head sets and being able to connect with my partners about all of the ridiculousness"

- @nicohmeow 

"Connecting with people over the thing I love most! And my partners."

- @madamanime 

"I love the fact that with just a simple thing like a latte I just made someone's day..and when someone tells me I make their drinks the best, that's pretty great. But mostly I love the partners I work with!"

- @tancey 

"Making someone happy"

- @lisalovesaloha 

"I've been a barista in training for 2 days now. So far so good."

- @annaconda975 

"Making that one special connection with that customer."

- @deanazoid

"The customers.....well most of them lol"

- @caligirl_7  

"Totally love my job. Although I am a manager now. But making drinks is life. My regulars are awesome. And you can't beat free caffeine :)"

- @itsttbitch