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So as a little fun game, we decided to ask our community one simple question,

Stopping Time in a Starbucks

Needless to say, the responses were hilarious. A little warning before we get started, these are totally humorous and hypothetical responses.  If you were to actually do any of them inside of a Starbucks, or anywhere for that matter, you can bet that you will most likely be arrested.  

So do not try any of these at home.  Apparently the members at Barista Life are a bit demented... 

Without further ado, here are the responses we got:

"Break the new front facing camera and the fizzio machine!"  

- @miss_ariot

"Pour french roast in the ice machine."

- @jackie_oram

"Take a shit in the ice machine. Here goes your iced dirty Chai bitch."

- @i_dont_givah_fuck

"run clean the fuck out of there knocking all the drinks over"

- @nickimichelle18

"Take all the soy, non-fat, and fucking coconut milk from the entire store and dump it down the drain. No one needs that shit and if they think they do. Then they don't need Starbucks!"

- @fi5h3r

"beans everywhere lol"

- @jessica_coffey

"Spill mocha, matcha, milk chocolate, and chai all over the place"

- @the_lost_seraph

"Break the blenders"

- @nexum99

"Take away all of the frapp base."

- @lydiadarlington

"Remove all of the espresso beans, and replace them with m&m's"

- @mark_dembrosky

"Shut down the wifi"

- @betsypriest26

"Remove the keys from the bars #noespresso"

- @southernsunkissed

"Open the caramel drizzle package and squeeze it all over the place"

- @xcandii5x

"Put sand into the ice machine during frappuccino happy hour"

- @kyo_kuma

"Remove the syrup labels!!!"

- @kablair01

"I would throw the tamp away, adjust all of the grinders, dump the syrups on the floor, and break all of the glass carafes. And of course shoot the speakers"

- @lrmcmaha

"Pull the fire alarm to create utter caos and more delays"

- @madelenoj

"I would start cooling down the ovens, brew 2 full batches of coffee with grinds in it, pour out the back up teas and ice coffee, switch everyone's names tags, and switch the decaf and espresso beans with each other #mayhem"

- @ogieb101

"Take all milk all of it."

- @tippycanoe_

"Matcha in the ice bin"

- @chelseadisgrace

"Unplug the machines"

- @unsexyluved1

"in that time I would put whip cream mustaches on everyone"

- @ejay_griffon

"Knock over everything"

- @piercethehannahx

"Hide all the headsets"

- @bacon.slut

"Give everybody upside down pitchers of milk"

- @gordita_mamas

"Break the pitcher rinse so water wouldn't stop shooting up at the ceiling"

- @tiffamber95

"Put cleaning tabs in the espresso machines! Muahahaw!!"

- @erickathewolf

"Turn off the Internet"

- @truly_mj

"Go home."

- @ktjaclyn

"Empty out all the caramel bottles!"

- @greyestofjoys

"Cut every electrical line. Internet, breaker box, everything. #canwegohomenow"

- @marliebear

"Easy. Close the store."

- @chiggitychow

"Replace mastrena with coffee press"

- @matsany12

"Throw the blenders somewhere far far away"

- @_deewhitti

"Somehow make the blenders explode. Both of them."

- @marissanicolegolas

"I'd drink SOOOOO MANY Shots!"

- @augustamberleigh

"I would switch the espresso beans with the decaf espresso beans in the hopper."

- @jmeem

"Line all the costomers up, throw gallons of milk on them, than make them run around while throwing match a powder at them. #colorrun"

- @allisonwonderland2424

"Dump all the frap roast right before happy hour"

- @jordangiesch

"then hide all the Frapp roast packets in a sealed caramel box"

- @fabulosus321

"Hide all the pumps. All of them and set as many timers to go off at 1 minute intervals. Oh and someone should flush the matcha powder"

- @jaydaybell3

"Untie everyone's aprons"

- @thelonebarista

"Take all the lids."

- @kelleighlizz

"Unplug all the blenders, computers, and printers"

- @jobyvill

"Hide all the sharpies and pens."

- @lindsay_rosepetal

"Hide all the blenders and cups."

- @__lelii

"Swap everyone's drinks then trash all the blenders"

- @the_scream_queen

"Set ever timer to go off after that 30 seconds but have a second time laps for ever times. Then hide them in different sections of the so they are not visible"

- @amilli_116

"I would pants the group of people staring at me to make me go faster, so they'll have something else to do/ stare at."

- @ms_golden_brown

"Make all the drinks decaf"

- @the_burger_man

"Flip everyone's coffee upside down on their heads, hide the cups, switch the sink knobs (hot and cold) and then set everything on fire"

- @verona94

"Try to stab and dump all the milk, break the blenders, break the headsets in half and cut the cords, put all the cups I like in my car really fast, and somehow find a way to get an extra five minutes"

- @radioactiveramen

"Hide all the rubber rings in the whipped cream canisters so they all explode when they're charged"

- @disgruntleddino

"I would hide the oven plates and put decaf in the espresso area of the hoppers..."

- @drivingfritz

"Spill the heavy cream on the counters and use up all the whips and restart all pos systems"

- @christinaselkie

"Dump ice in everybody's panties"

- @gaaasia

"Leave the store with the employees and lock the customers in"

- @kerimarie20

"Pill all the espresso machines and dump all the lids and cups on the ground"

- @samlo85

"Swap beans in the hoppers. So the people who want caffeine get nothing and the people who don't want caffeine get all jacked."

- @xinavalles

"Dump all the milks in the refrigerator so they can't make anymore drinks. I call that chaos."

- @elementaldivine

"Take the sticker machine and all the sharpies"

- @neonwhite12

"Put mints in the coffee bean grinder and the caramel containers!"

- @dyey.el

"Turn the knobs on the mastrena to the utmost finest so shots poured 40secs"

- @hammallama

"Put frap roast in the iced coffee pitchers LOL"

- @matchewallen

"Hide all the sharpies and put the lids out of order"

- @justduckii

"Break all the headsets & Put pills in both the Mastrenas (Espresso Machines) Yeah i could pull it off in 30 seconds!"

- @4give

"Flip the breakers."

- @bitterbarista

"Dual wield two whipped creams and run through the lobby with the triggers held down."

- @hai_ryan

"Run in the back & turn off all the power switches"

- @tatiana.why

"White mocha inside the hoppers :)"

- @agnwis

"That's a toss up between knocking over all the retail, or shooting each milk jug with a BB gun."

- @brasilbooty

"I would break the coffee grinder, while throw all the milks onto the street, bash the registers and set the store on fire."

- @farock_stormborn

"Simple: brake the blender mid happy hour. Freaked out partners, unhappy customers, doesn't get much worse then that."

- @coraleneigh

"I would pants every one working, and everyone in the lobby"

- @luwev

"Draw phalluses on the inside of all the paper cups so people get a special surprise when adding sugar"

- @southpourbarista

"Go to the back and literally destroy every ounce of inventory/milk/pastry etc... Then when time started again and someone went to the back to grab something, all hell breaks loose. Maybe some fire too! Or let a snake loose"

- @j_whitley831

"Pour buckets of hot water in all the ice holders and ice machine, bring the hot water filled ice machine to the POS, fill it up with mocha sauce, jump inside and out a sign on top that says "Hot Mocha Mud Bath Day, No More Frappuccinos, OUT OF ICE :)"

- @damekmz

"It's all fun and games ... Till you have to clean it up"

- @everythingispurplee

"Lock the customers out and lie their already made drinks with their names on tje cup on a table by the window . Caffeine so close yet so far"

- @willi_worm

"Hide the urns and the pitchers"

- @lyssial01

"Cash only transactions and blonde roast and decaf are the only things available"

- @nazharw00t

"Charge as many whipped cream canisters with partially screwed on lids as possible"

- @klein.and.sons

"Disable the drive thru. Because I hated working drive thru, and people would have to go into the cafe' during a rush of course"

- @mahrleboy4

"I would break all our registers, that way we have to go home early lmao"

- @ohgoshjosh_

"Pill all the machines at once... Muahahaha"

- @rlfegan

"Matcha. Lots of matcha. Everywhere."

- @ambercruceta

"I would shut down POS on accident and then break the hot water. Then we would have to shut the store and tell all the customers to go. Happened before. I died"

- @ohnotawnyvalko


- @emmashannongriffin

"lol lock the doors, queue shots, then yell, 'SHOTS!'"

- @th33zeyes

"Hazelnut and cinnamon dolce in all the whipped cream jugs..."

- @otter_nonsense_

"I'd open all of the whipped cream without letting the air out of em"

- @bosspaige 

"Tie everyone's aprons to the cupboards. If it is holiday dump eggnog everywhere!"

- @s_dandrews

"You're all forgetting about how we would have to clean ALL OF THIS UP"

- @achanagirl

"Unplug as many things on the floor as possible. Starting with the registers cause they take like 20 minutes to turn back on."

- @master_bay_sean

"Brew espresso beans in all coffee urns."

- @graduated_boot90

"Take the keys out of the espresso machines."

- @prettyinpink68

Use your imagination, and......GO! #BaristaLife

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