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These are the Most Generous Tips Baristas Have Ever Received from their Customers

Baristas are probably some of the most kind, sincere, and hardworking individuals out there. Unfortunately, the customers don't always reciprocate in the same way. Just like with any job, there are always going to be those rude & grumpy customers.

We here at Barista Life™ know that there are tons of nice customers out there, so we asked our community for the nicest tips or gestures that customers have ever done for them.

Before we get to it, we were completely taken back by the responses. Some of these generous customers really do make up for the not so nice ones out there. To be completely honest, baristas do not even expect tips from customers, the only thing we want to receive is your undivided attention while ordering, to be treated like humans, and perhaps some nice conversation.

A customer, @jennypoo64, who came across our Instagram post said,

"This post makes me want to bring my baristas presents! I thought they might think it was weird."

Sometimes it's nice to feel appreciated, so thank you to all the nice customers out there! Keep up your generosity. We appreciate it like you'd never understand!

Random Acts of Kindness

"When I got engaged one of my regulars bought me a wedding present and it was so perfect for my husband and I that it brought me to tears"

- @mfjenn


"A customer once have me a nice pair of shorts that fit my size and dress code because the zipper was busted on my usual work shorts."

- @nicholaskeith20


"A customer of mine who collects old artifacts and treasures noticed that I collect crystals and he gave me a smokey quartz crystal that his grandmother wire wrapped over 40yrs ago. I wear it every day on a necklace since, it was so sweet!"

- @demulent


"One morning I had to work following a very difficult personal time. I had been up all night crying and was only barely holding back tears as I was at the condiment bar before my shift and one of our regulars saw me and gave me a kind pat on the shoulder. He came in later and bought a giftcard. A few minutes later he slipped it over to me. Inside it said "It's gonna be okay." That really touched me."

- @myahsaura


"It was my first month at work and I was literally verbally assaulted at the register for being "bad at my job." The next customer in line over heard and told me I was doing great, not to listen to them, then put $10 in the tip jar. :)"

- @cuppcaek


"Both my tables gave me tips when they didn't even have bills; they all ordered complimentary beverages (coffee/tea, soda). My favorite type because I never expect them. Also I got a good tip for taking photos as a gentleman proposed to his girl. #ServerLife"

- @c.e.clardy14


"In our day and how we are all doing. One day i was having a total break down and they both just came over and hugged me so tight. Said they loved me and said that "Nana and Papa are here for all of you. We have been so blessed to be welcome here and we just love you all. Anytime you need a shoulder to cry on you just come on over". We all call them Nana and Papa."

- @jaydaybell3


"Best thing I ever had from a customer was an uplifting message. Sounds corny. But I was feeling down and I guess they could see it in my face. That guy told me some amazing stuff and really changed my perspective. I just appreciate being seen as a human being and not an espressobot sometimes lol"

- @lutrex


"She saw me leave work crying and asked me the next day if everything was alright. I explained to her that my gramma was sick in the hospital. She hugged me and apologized and told me she was going to pray for her, then continued to ask every day she saw me how she and my family were doing."

- @lauraa_full


"Last week one of our awesome regulars bought the night crew three large pizzas from papa johns"

- @jordychristine


"One of my regulars would always come in and try to cheer me up no matter how bad his day was. When I transfered stores he would still stop and say hello when I saw him. Found out today that he passed away :("

- @jbrown2011


"I had a customer give me his iPod to download some songs and there were hundreds"

- @whatthe_katie


"I give police officers free coffee/discounts as a way to show my appreciation for everything they do for us. We have one cop who will tip us $20 about once a week, as well as bringing in honey from his honey bees as a way to show us that HE appreciates US. So sweet. Probably my all time favorite customer."

- @audreyruth44


@shanabanaxo says she loves it just when customers tell her that the drinks she makes are the best


"One guy got really mad at me because his coffee was too hot so he took back his tip, and the guy behind him in line threw down a $5."

- @theadventuresofconfusion 


"I shared a moment with one of my "regulars" grand daughters. My customer/"regular" had Alzheimer's had been paying with cigarettes for her lattes in confusion thinking it was money. She was the sweetest lady ever!!!! I would take the money out of my tip jar twice sometimes three times a day to pay for her lattes.... When god called her to heaven I cried and was sad.....but when her grand daughter came up a week after her passing and said that it was in her will that I had $100 because she enjoyed seeing me every day and enjoyed our conversations....let me know my job can make a persons day in the best way possible....that was almost 20 years ago and I still am a barista to this day and lovin it!"

- @missmrs2


"When I got engaged, all of my regular customers kept asking how the wedding planning was going and wishing me congratulations. I felt so loved and supported. It changed the way I view my job in a real way."

- @nianamarie


"Best tangible gift: One of our regulars (an elderly woman) hand knitted different colored beanies for every single one of us as a Christmas gift. That was really sweet. :)"

- @trashleyruiz


"I had a customer bring me a few maple bars after I commented on how much I love them. :) ♡"

- @trashleyruiz


"My customers buy me birthday cards, they also refuse to pay less than full price even if there's a promotion on and won't claim any loyalty rewards because they believe my coffee is worth more"

- @rebeccagarner25


"This is wonderful... Actually where do I start... All the customers who were there for me when my mom got sick, one of whom asked me over the breakfast and coffee on the regular. Others bought MD flowers and tipped me fairly good amounts of money my last week at my old store... And it's not material... The ones who went out of their way to give genuine compliments and hugs."

- @ans_729


"My last day at my old store customers brought me gifts. I was shocked I didn't expect anything. I got a pretty scarf in my favorite color, orange, a candy apple since I was leaving on Halloween, a fellow cat lover gave me some cat toys and my personal favorite was a necklace with a crown on it about the size of half my palm. It's gorgeous . On the card it read 'my daughter was a princess and I know you are one too.' When I went to thank her she told me when her daughter was alive she had down syndrome and they threw her a princess parade back in her little home town in which she got the necklace. I cried for the rest of the day. You never know how much of an impact you put on your customers. At my new store a customer got me a head scarf from NY and yesterday a customer bought me a Lego Batman. Its cute because she comes in all the time in a Batman shirt so I call her batwoman all the time. I haven't seen her in forever so it was cute!"



"Most of all the customers I had while I was in training were so sweet and nice when I told them why I was so slow. I'd say"I'm sorry I'm still in training" they'd say "aren't we all?"

- @katielynngallatin


"When I was pregnant I had a customer buy the baby clothes as a gift and another old lady gave me $10 and told me to buy something for the baby. We have a regular who gets a doppio everyday and leaves us like a $5 tip. We also had a police officer who would bring us pizza all the time and during the holidays he would give us gift cards to bath and body works and chillis. We have a guy who brings us wine from his store and another great guy who brings us yummy pastries every morning."

- @miz_h0llyw00d


"Some punk kids stole our tip jar out of drive thru, and this very nice man came in and said he saw what happened and handed me a 20 and said you guys don't deserve that, you work too hard. I almost cried, there really are some good ppl out there :)"

- @nicolleeexoxoo


"Oh my god this one time a customer asked me "how are you?" I shit myself"

- @doperysquared


"I get weed and edibles"

- @hect.r


"We have a couple that comes in ever day when they're not traveling, and they always bring us goodies/suvaners from starbucks in other countries. It's pretty cool to see the other products and such. #LoyalCustomers"

- @samanthajeani


"Homemade baby gift from my regular, Kathy. She made me an adorable decorative pillow for my first born son!"

- @pinball775


"Meatball omelettes and mighty fine donuts! And we got a 50 on xmas once!"

- @laurenvirginiaa


"A regular got down on hands and knees in two feet of snow to teach me how to put chains on my car when he wasn't dressed for the occasion."

- @cjayhirte


"I've had one customer draw me a portrait & give me food ( I'm a guinea pig), another buy me roses, another buy me drinks, another buy me a birthday card, another make me hair bows, another a gift card for a restaurant, and many many give me hugs and laughs and best advice, making it the best year of my working career"

- @hexicera


Someone said I looked like Hugh Jackman. I don't look anything like Hugh Jackman, but it was definitely nice to hear emoji"

- @ixfunes26


"Once during the winter holidays, I was working the drivethru window and it was FREEZING. a customer came thru and commented on it and then went home and got a pair of gloves and brought them to me and said "I've been where you are. You shouldn't have to freeze while you work" me to tears and gave me back my Christmas spirit."

- @my__name_is_bri


"One of my favorite customers came back from vacation in india and handed me a piece of parchment paper it was a hand crafted brass bussing statue. I was floored... I didn't know what to say other Tha thank him and his him. So sweet #Paul"

- @sherunzny


"A sympathy card when a regular found my grandma had passed."

- @manzanaresjuliet


"Every Friday an older regular would bake brownies and bring them to us, and then when Christmas time came, he would put $100 into the tip jar just in case our tips weren't that great. We also had another who brought me a ton of baby clothes before I left for leave when I was worried that my baby was going to be too big to fit into all of the NB clothes we had gotten. ♡ we have had some amazing (&not so amazing) customers over the years."

- @smatura123


"For me, it's not something like money that means the most to me. I have become good friends with some of my regulars. Yesterday, one of my regulars found out that I'm having issues with a car (lemon) that I just bought, and he's offered to help me navigate the legal bono."

- @mrsmichelebryce


"Unsolicited positive feedback always means the most to me. People tend to speak up only when something goes wrong."

- @2twentyoneb


"A customer told me my mascara was running... might sound weird but I really appreciated it because noone ever let's me know lol"

- @_davina


"Gifts for my baby when I was pregnant!"

- @spockahontas


"Customers told me they'd miss me . Transfering to another store as of next week"

- @its_just_lizzzz


"@maykach remember when billy gave us his mixtape years ago?!"

- @shannonpotthoff


"Deluxe edition n of scrabble in the DT. $50 gift card for local grocery store when we on the verge of loosing everything."

- @kellogzen


"I got invited to my favorite customer's wedding!!!! Thanks @denaecrump!"

- @nataliepotthoff


"Some one, today, gave me two tips in the shape of a sea horse origami and T-shirt origami! They were awesome and so cute!! Definitely made my day! Told my manager and my friends about it lol"

- @wafflesat12


"My favorite thing, and it doesn't happen very often, is when customers compliment you or give you tips(actual tips, not money). On my first day a customer told me I have beautiful skin, a while back a customer told me I had an honest face, not too long ago a regular told me I was beautiful and today a woman gave me some tips because this is my first job. Once a guy wanted to order a caramel ribbon crunch and I was like, "Dude! S'mores all the way!" and we joked about that and he was super chill and took my sass, I love having customers who I can actually treat like my pals! I think about these things every time I go into work and honestly, there's a lot of big fat douche bags that come in every day but these customers make it so worth it!"

- @tiffanyzapien


"I remember on my first week working on the floor a customer was being really impatient with me and then the next woman in line kept smiling at me and said "y'know, you're really doing a great job" it made me feel so much better"

- @clairebellock

Generous Monetary Tips (Cash)

"Before I left the company to study abroad for a semester, a customer gave me a card with $20 telling me how proud he was of me and my choice to travel. :)"

- @awilson0817


"The other day I received an $8 tip from one of our regulars. She told me she's thankful for how I always remember her and her drink. It made my day."

- @waytogolisa


@shots_ofpetrone Was given $50 for graduation from my favorite family


"I've gotten a $50 check, gift cards, cash, etc."

- @wayoutwesst


"$100 to go attend a concert."

- @_komusic_


@tjd_1991 once got a $200 tip


"One customer tipped me $10.00 because I remade her drink for free that another Starbucks messed up. She told me she didn't want to feel like a burden by asking me to remake it and how I made her day."

- @hateful_barista


"A regular gave me a check for 50$ just because she knew I was getting married and struggling financially."

- @kaliee14


"One of our regular customers worked at the H&R Block next door, so when tax season was finished, him and his coworkers pooled together a $256 tip because we were all so friendly."

- @maxadillo


"A $100 check when i mentioned my car needed new brakes"

- @luvdsny76


"I once had a customer tip me 20 bucks because he knew i was driving home from college that day"

- @gatewayvids


"A regular gave me a check when I had a car issue. I don't even know how to repay them:) it's generosity given from awesome customers and I've worked in the fast food industry for a while (and cafe)"

- @trisaratops36


"$50 when I graduated from college :)"

- @als_pals_15


"A $10 gift card... To Starbucks where I worked..."

- @morganspatola


"Last week , we had 2 customers in a row give us $100 tips"

- @wwrites


"A check for $250 to help with school , a place to stay when my family left town and it was just me."

- @mmm_itsjen

Generous Gifts

"24 red roses and dinner emoji when I was bar maid-Ing in Perth Australia a regular brought me all the roses sellers $5 each roses and then took me out to dinner at a 4 star restaurant - good times"

- @mrs_gibbsie


"One of my customers gave me a scholarship for school :)"

- @yazzieforlife


"There is one customer that tips us in candy. Our break room looks like Willie Wonkas Chocolate Factory"

- @helloooamanda


"We have a "nothin bunt cakes" in the same shopping center and they always bring us a box full of samples:)"

- @_ippy


"I have received a lot of special moments with customers. The most beautiful gift is all the life lessons and appreciation you actually get..." _

- @ameliabeks


"My customer just gave me free tickets to the San Diego Fair! I love our customers!"

- @jackiscott2010


"Oh yeah this. More positive things like this. Red lipstick and an in and out gift card"

- @certainshadeofgreeeen


"One customer and his wife got a GIANT gift bag and filled it with chocolates and candies and gave us cards with lottery tickets in each. One partner won $50!"

- @nikileyland


"A hand made quilt with coffee patch work it was a great gift from a thoughtful customer! A Starbucks cup from China Seattle Greece DC and Chicago! Yes customers aren't always rude! They can be generous and kind! #lovewhatyoudoshareitwithothers"

- @marnibrean


"After working at 8 stores in 8 years, I've met some truly wonderful customers. A few years ago one of my baristas found out her dad had cancer and was progressing rapidly, so a group of our regulars pooled some money to help her buy plane tickets to go see him."

- @laceycakes1028


"I love majority of my regulars at my store. They spoil us with baked goods and amazing stories of their lives. Blessed to work at my location with such a wonderful team of partners and guests :)"

- @kathyy28


"We have a customer who brings us fresh baked donuts every week and also gives them out to everyone in our cafe #donuttuesday"

- @colvin_ash


"One regular saw it was crazy busy so him and his daughter and back with cupcakes for us and told us we were awesome. He is also really cool and will tip us a twenty every once in a while. We also have a lady who will tip us $250 at Christmas. Thanks Tarik and Brenda!"

- @_ke1sey


"I complemented a woman on how beautiful her coin purse was and she gave it to me it was so sweet and kinda of shocking!"

- @adriana.cerda


"My sister found a customers wallet and gave ir back the second day without opening it. So as a thanks he gave her 6 bottles of Martini D&G gold, wich is not even being made anymore. He did is because in that wallet, there was like 7000€ IN CASH."

- @eimutebackute


"I have a few. One customer gave me fingerless gloves last winter because she'd been asking for weeks why I didn't have any (I couldn't afford them). And a retired law enforcement couple gave me $100 on Easter and threw me a birthday party last week with an ice cream cake because my Nana did and I have no family around here. :') these customers are the reason I love my job and tolerate all the BS everyday. #tobeapartner"

- @be_lie_vers_never_die


@texasdanielle received multiple gifts for her baby before she went on maternity leave


"$500 gift card when i left for maternity leave. Holiday time our customers are so generous. The fact that they even think of us always amazes me"

- @dena1030


"I got two sticks of butter from a German lady!"

- @d_to_the_j_27


"One time I had a customer walk in with this really cool plaid heart shirt on...I commented on how cute it was. And how much I wanted to sew it up into something awesome...and she told me "well...I am getting old...maybe I need to get rid of a few shirts...and if I's yours" and then she came in the next day with it dry cleaned for me. Then last night (my store is all sorts of crazy busy ....always and we never get tipped) a drive thru regular tossed us a $100 Bill and told us to cover the next two cars and then the rest was to go in the top jar. I've got endless awesome stories though, that's why I work where I do"

- @chairihtee


When @tylamothe left his store in Dallas, TX, one of his favorite customers gave him an old beautiful book, so thoughtful


"When I was pregnant I had a customer that worked at the local produce stand and brought me a box full of fresh mangos every Friday because it is my favorite fruit."

- @elizabeth_and_ddaj


"I had several customers give me gifts before I went on maternity leave. One was a hand made blanket, one was a $100 giftcard."

- @erikainsd


"4 Dodgers tickets! Also $100 from a different one just to help me in a time of need!"

- @megznj


"Tickets to a few races and Sonoma raceway"

- @elinicole85


@missmeliss478 said she frequently gets tickets to sporting events from one of her regular customers


@tri_sara_topsss once got Backstreet boys tickets!


"A bag of peaches!"

- @snailprints


"When I became pregnant with my eldest, quite a few regulars gave me gift cards, money, and baby clothes. Almost $300 worth of cool stuff!"

- @orbitalwolf


"A bottle of scotch!"

- @vladkay


"There's a regular that works at Bath & Body Works and he always brings us goodies from there"

- @elelcole


"A customer gave me his Paul McCartney card that he'd had for about 10 years bcz the stripe finally bit the dust. I felt so honored"

- @stacielees


"Stockton ports baseball tickets!!!! 8 a month all season long! Best customer ever!"

- @emilyalamillo02


"Most recent one I received was a Stephen King book! One of the best I received"

- @andrew_olson4

Stories from the Holidays

"A customer gave me a place to live for 4 months.. in a beautiful home! Runner up... $100 tip at Christmas time"

- @erikadusasowash


"A customer (a regular) gave me and the whole store $20 each for Christmas. That's over $200!!! Also another customer gave me chocolates once lol well more than once. Some customers are so amazing and make me realize how much I love my job"

- @__lelii


"A regular at my old store would always give us a card and tip for Xmas! One of the other ones gave me two free hockey tickets and near goalie seats during pre season! I miss my old store but I'll never forget. :)"

- @leidancel


"On father's day a customer gave me a fifty dollar gift card to a nice restaurant. He knew that I had been missing my daughter and was only one of four people who remember to wish me happy father's day."

- @alexputz1


"I've been given front row Astros tickets twice! $100 on Christmas and an Anthropology candle on my bday. We got a basket of goodies on Christmas last year with mason jars full of candy and one full of $255 to split. Our customers are really awesome people we love them!"

- @libilicous22


"I was given a hallmark ornament with a precious message on the box for Christmas, to celebrate the purchase or my very own first home! Cupcakes and balloons in my birthday! And handmade goodies on a random day!"

- @stagegirl66


"I've had several regular customers tip me $20 for Christmas"

- @colecanderson


"Christmas cards from a beautiful and kind couple who are regulars. Included free movie passes, such a treat!"

- @millaarosee


@__meowlly received two $100 tips in the drive through during Christmas in 2013


"We're fortunate among many our many rude customers to have a ton of amazing regulars who consistently bring us pizza cookies candies gift cards etc...but I really loved this one guy who came to buy a gift card from us for Valentines Day for his wife and he was buying gift cards at all of her favorite places for them to have a scavenger hunt through the city. I thought it was so sweet!"

- @britania04


"A cantankerous customer surprised me with a personal Christmas card with $20 in it. I felt the love"

- @Gracemewithasmile


Once a customer gave me $40 to buy a Christmas tree. It was so sweet. :)"

- @chantille24


"A Regular gave cards to all of the baristas with bows made out of 20$ on them for Christmas ! But the best gift is a hug from a regular on a tough day"

- @jenners003


"A group of regulars like to bring in cakes and cookies during the holidays for us"

- @kelleighlizz


"A customer gave me 100 dollars for school as a christmas gift. There was also a homeless person who loved me cuz i was the only person who was nice to she saved up money and bought me a wallet as a thank you gift."

- @j_a_z_z_i_e_21


"It was a busy weekend during holiday and I was on register rushing through everyone and stressin out and this woman in line slowly walked up to me and said "hi. breathe" she was giving me a tiny break and it was really nice idk"

- @merinhodge


"One of my favorite customers used to give us $100 at christmas...he passed away this spring and I miss him, not for his tip but for his kind, gentle spirit!!"

- @stacass


"Many of our regulars give us cards, gifts, candies on holidays."

- @pizzarash


"At Christmas one year a regular got brand new $50 bills for every partner in the store no matter how new they were. They did it for a restaurant they frequented next to us as well."

- @imlizstrong


"We've received butter tarts, chocolates, flowers, and some very generous tips #christmaseve"

- @c_mairead


"Our regulars brought us all pizza for Black Friday and during the holidays they all drop $100s or $50s <333"

- @beccamessi

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