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Can I Get Your Name? - The Benefits of Personalizing a Cup

Can I Get Your Name

There are so many important parts in crafting the perfect espresso based drink or brewed coffee beverage.  As a barista, you can become lost in a sea of cappuccinos, teas and pour-overs.  But what if you began to differentiate each and every drink with the person who ordered it?


With this methodology, imagine meeting a customer in the morning, taking their order and yes, getting their name. This person is no longer just another customer simply ordering an Americano.   It’s Nicole, who would like an Americano.

Now, once again perform this ritual in which each individual drink is crafted specifically for this one unique person.

As a coffee loving barista with a business background, I’m a believer in the overall experience.  From the brains of Howard Schultz to the framework of the indie café, a customer’s senses are peaked by atmosphere (music, artwork, bar design & layout), customer service and quality of the coffee.   The sole responsibility of a café and more importantly, the barista, are to create a unique and thoughtful coffee experience that resonates with the customer.  This sets the business and culture apart from the strong community that exists but also pays tribute to its traditions and values.


1. Relationship Building & The Craft Itself

By getting your customer’s name, you have now built a relationship.   The barista has broken the divide of the counter, the customer has placed her order with any special requests and can happily wait as she knows that you are working on her drink specifically. The bonus is that you’ve even taken the time to get her name, demonstrating that you care about the details, however small. This of course translates to other parts of the process as you take time to prepare the drink, extract the espresso shot etc.

2. Personal Growth

Even if it is only the face, my customers are always amazed at how I remember what they ordered in the past or what flavor profile they prefer. I can’t always remember their names (I admit I’m not a name wizard) but I promise you, it personalizes the experience of who I am making the drink for at that moment.  It helps build emotional ties that attaches said drink to said person which in turn, builds long-term customer satisfaction. 

3. Structure

Names have also come in handy when a drink has been poured and finished. Whether it be that a customer is too distracted by their cell phone and have completely zoned out, are in a deep conversation with a friend or there are duplicate drink orders on standby – Calling out names has saved me from customer confusion and lost, tepid drinks. 

4. Customer Loyalty & Customized Experience

The last and most important benefit, serves to satisfy the goal of the overall coffee experience. For this one particular Americano for Nicole. I have taken the time to preheat the cup.  Place a sleeve around the center for her comfort and safety. Filled it with boiling hot water, and pulled a perfectly extracted shot with a solid layer of crema on top. Leaving room for milk as per her request, I’ve made it exactly how she wished it.

It’s Nicole’s Americano. Customized for her and only her.  And in return, I have gained a customer whom I’ve built a loyalty and trust.  In the end, the name she will most remember is the name of my café.


Kristin Davis